FLAV PMP Video Converter

FLAV PMP Video Converter

Designed specially for users who need to convert video or transfer...

Designed specially for users who need to convert video or transfer music to their iPod, iPhone, PSP, or Zune, FLAV PMP Video Converter provides an efficient and completed way to convert all types of popular formats into PMP compatible formats.

In addition, PMP Video Converter supports converting video and audio files to PMP audio files, such as WMV to iPod MP3, WAV to iPhone MP3, MP4 to Zune AAC, etc.

With all encoders and decoders built in, you get access to convert all supported formats to your iPod, iPhone, PSP, and Zune once downloading FLAV PMP Video Converter.

Fast conversion speed, super output quality and friendly user interface make the task of converting video/movie/music to your PMP a breeze. FLAV PMP Video Converter bears the following key features: 1.

Convert various video formats to PMP video player, including iPod, iPhone, PSP, and Zune. 2. Convert popular music formats to iPod, iPhone, PSP, and Zune etc.

3. Extract audio from video or movies and save on PMP player. 4. You can pause, stop, continue at any moment while converting files. 5. Provide both default settings and customizing settings with parameters of the video and audio.

6. All encoders and decoders are built in this PMP video converter so it spares you from the trouble of downloading any more codec. 7. Support batch conversion and multithreading.

8. Viruses-free and safe to install. No spyware and adware. 9. User-friendly interface and comprehensive functions. 10. Easy-to-use and suitable for both beginners and adepts.

FLAV PMP Video Converter


FLAV PMP Video Converter